Website Redesign?

Did you know that poor and outdated web design can hurt conversions and sales for your business? An unattractive website deserves a redesign.
Your website is a business tool, a sales pitch, a business card, a listing for products/services, an advertisement. It’s essential to your brand and your success both online and offline. 


 Is It Time For A Website Redesign?

A website redesign cultivates a few things for your brand on different levels. It can make your site more converting and conversational, user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, and improve your marketing as a result. If you’re on the fence about investing in a website redesign, here a list of reasons it’s time to pull the trigger on a website redesign.

  • Need to Re-align Your Website with Your Marketing Goals
  • You have Outdated Third-Party Tools on Your Site
  • For new leads and business
  • Addition in products and Services 
  • Industry-specific Design Trends Changed
  • Website Looks Untrustworthy or Outdated
  • Website Isn’t Mobile-Optimized and has Slow Speed
  • Website is Invisible to Search Engines
  • Website Doesn’t Bring Value to the Customer
  • You Want to Create a Better User Experience

Key Benefits

 of Website Redesign

Redesigning your business website can have many benefits: it can improve the user experience, make your site more up-to-date or visually interactive, improve conversations rate, include a new product or brand strategy and become highly optimized so it ranks higher on search engines.

Improve User Experience

Increase load speed and Compatibility

Makes you get found

Generate Leads and Leverage Sales

Your business can benefit a lot from a website redesign. When done well, website redesign increases your website speed, boosts your chances of getting more online prospects, leverage visibility, grows social sharing and optimizes your website for user experience.


 Website Redesign WorkFlow

We follow the strategic workflow to redesign websites. This workflow will assist in making your new website the traffic driving, the lead-generating machine you’ve always wanted.

Audit Your Current Website

Analyze the Competition

Set Brand Guidelines

Set Website Goals & Objectives

Write New Content

Mockups and prototype

Develop Your Site

Test. Rinse. Repeat


 Technology Expertise

Most online presence and Intranets are content driven. As a skilled Custom website design and development agency, we help businesses structure content efficiently by leveraging the power of cutting edge Web Technology. We promise to deliver you a cost-effective Custom website that will help you stand apart.

Static Website Redesign

Custom Website Redesign


CMS Website Redesign

Marketing and Email Template Redesign


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Asked Questions

Why choose TAIBA Creations for Website Redesign Services?

TAIBA Creations is the trusted choice for businesses in Website Redesign. Our Years of experience, customized strategies, and unparalleled commitment to our clients set us apart from other Website Redesign companies in the industry. We provide

  • Dedicated team
  • 24/7 Support
  • Multiple Plans
  • Diverse skill set
  • Full-service agency

Do you work with brands in other countries?

Yes, TAIBA Creations providing cost-effective and cutting-edge Website Redesign and Services globally. We also offer Website Redesign Services in   to design interactive, fully functional and converting Business Websites. 

Which CMS you will use for my new website? Will you guide me on how can I manage it?

CMS selection is based on your website requirements and existing website functionality. If you currently managing an eCommerce store then Shopify, WordPress with woo Commerce, and Squarespace are Preferred. If you have a simple website then WordPress and Wix are preferred. Our expert will also guide to make updates later when your website would be launched.

Does Website SEO would be effected by Website Redesign?

We implement strategic workflow for your website redesign and focus to build a new website with the same sitemap and page structure.

What will you require from me for the Website Redesign?

We love to get details about your new website objectives, targeted audience, Branding, Content, Graphics and requests for added website functionality. If you don’t have any of these, please let us know and ask to provide all these services.

Do you use custom developed templates or premium available templates for my new website?

We recommend both Custom Developed and Premium themes and templates. Also, the selection depends upon the requested website layout and added functionality.

How long will it take to complete the Website Redesign?

It depends upon the website added functionality and number of pages to set up. If you interested to develop an eCommerce website using CMS then it will take approximately 3 months to complete.

Would you migrate my website from one server to another?

Yes, Our experts can assist you in choosing the best domain purchase company and hosting provider. Please let us know if you have any concerns.

What are Available Plans?

Submit your queries here. Our dedicated team will assist you with the project requirements and solutions offered by us.

Does your Firm offer Freelancing Services?

Yes, We are working for the last 8 years are freelancing agency and helping our clients to achieve their objectives. Please get in touch with us for further details and queries.


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