New Shah Shams Colony
Main Blvd, Multan, Pakistan

Invoice Number 0011
Invoice Date April 26, 2018
Due Date August 3, 2018
Total Due RS 7,000.00
Allied School Fatima Campus
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Domain Registration

Domain and Hosting for

RS 2,000.00RS 2,000.00
1 VPS Hosting Registration

Domain and Hosting for

RS 5,000.00RS 5,000.00
Sub Total RS 7,000.00
Tax RS 0.00
Total Due RS 7,000.00

Bank Detail:
Bank Name: MCB
Account Title: Khalid Mahmood
Branch Code. 0504
IBAN number: PK42MUCB0489844611003225
Account number: 0489844611003225
Swift Code: MUCBPKKA
Branch Name: Multan Cantt.