Taiba creations Joining The Community Of Top 3% Developers

Joining the community of top 3% developers

Yes, you read it right. We are ready to joining the community of top 3% developers called Toptal. We have been working as a web designer and developer for 8 years. Projects in which we are expert involved in have ranged from simple websites to complex web applications used by companies, organizations, and individuals. TAIBA Creations have a team of experts who have worked the hardest, and who was responsible for making sure that the applications actually worked. Now we have taken another step toward high tech technology and to provide a vast verity of servers using Toptal XML Engineers Group.

Our favorite languages are PHP, WordPress, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, JS, SQL, Android, UI/UX. We also work with top CMS WordPress, WIX, Shopify, SqurareSpance.

Previously, We have been working on different freelancers platforms like (Upwork, Freelancer). Needless to say, it’s very difficult to find an interesting project at those sites. Because most of the work that is posted there is for short-term easy-to-do tasks that aren’t paid well. However, We are lucky enough to catch an occasional good project there. I believe that I’ve done well on all of them (I have a 5.0 rating for every project I’ve been rated on). I really like freelance work, because of three things: no need to travel to work, you can get a decent pay if you’re doing your job correctly, and you get to work on different projects so you learn a lot of new things.

Joining the community of top 3% talented developers called Toptal. While we’ve been researching other freelancing platforms, I came across TopTal.com and I immediately fell in love with it. Let me explain why I ended up liking it so much:

  • It’s the place where you can hire top freelancing talent.
  • Easy to work with clients
  • Build long term relations with customers.
  • Secure for both parties (freelancer as well as customers)
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